Digital home of

Yann Poiré

or the

Cryptic Crypto Diver

Technical diving instructor, Crypto enthusiast, explorer, proud father, and husband.

Active projects

The Uplift Project

The Uplift Project is the newest project I am spending time on. It’s the missing link between NFTs on WAX that I collect and like and Minecraft that I keep coming back to ever since it started.

The Tarsiers

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What is this site?

This is the online home of Yann Poiré also known as the Cryptic Crypto Diver. Scuba diving is what I do best and love to do above all. It can be diving alone, with my beloved wife, or while teaching.

But I am also passionate about technologies like A.I., computers in general, and since 2011, by blockchain technologies such as crypto.

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Do you like this website? You can hire me to create one for you. Head over to The Jellyfish Company website to see what I can do for you.

Do you like some of the images on the website? You can buy some of my images in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. You can also have a look at the current projects such as Peanutz “R” Nutz if you like collecting.